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Ron Dennis Wheeler - CEO of R&R Music Recordings and RON DENNIS WHEELER PRODUCTIONS (RAPP PRODUCTIONS, INC)> Welcome to R&R Music and Ron Dennis Wheeler Productions. This is a Multimedia Music Website, whereby, we have recorded and produced New Artists Music, Demo Songs, and Rare Music Recordings in the following genres: Traditional Country, Smooth Jazz, Southern Gospel, Pop Country and Traditional Christian. I have produced many rare music recordings over the years, but have now extended my music productions to the following genres; Gospel Contemporary, Rare Country, Christian Contemporary, Mainstream Pop, R and B Soul, Hip Hop, Soundtracks, Film, and Positive Rap Artists + More. My desire is to produce quality recordings in all genres of Music on various Artists. Music has changed tremendously over the years, and there are so many talented Artists in each genre of Music who are Unsigned Artists. Our goal here at , is to find them, record them and get them signed. Producing New Artists and providing quality Rare Music Recordings for our customers is what we are all about. Mechanical Rights and License are available for any of our songs. For the serious Pros, Major Artists, Producers, Publishers and Executives, let us submit to you for consideration our new song material that has never been released before. Let us know your submission policies, and to whom and where we are to send our new and rare song material for review. We will be interested in hearing any business proposals, comments and song picks of your choice. We can send master demo recordings consisting of music trax only, or with or without lead and back-up vocals also. Ron Dennis Wheeler- ************************************************************** To contact Ron Dennis Wheeler...Click "Contact" in the navigation bar above. To contact Michael Bell...Click "Contact" or "Links" in the navigation bar above. To TRANSLATE: Click your Country Flag on the Babel Fish!

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