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RON DENNIS WHEELER I HAVE IT OR I CAN WRITE IT My desire is to WRITE MUSIC, SING & PRODUCE quality recordings in all genres of Music on various Artists.
RECORDING ARTIST OR PRODUCERS send me your next pitch list and SUBMISSION POLICY for material you need!
Our TRAX may suit you or one of your artists. CONTACT: or go to our web site.
Unrealistic submission request! Category: Music UNREALISTIC SUBMISSIONS! Hi Ron, I just went to your sight and I want you to promote my songs. Please help me get some of the artist you know to cut my songs. I do not want to sign a contract unless a major cuts them. I really want to get a recording contract and record my own songs. Will you shop my songs and maybe help me get them recorded?Your friend,XXXXXXI do not know how many times as a publisher I have received emails and regular packets in the mail with this sincere but unrealistic approach to submitting material to artist, record companies and publishers. When I read something like this I am afraid to even listen to the material. Dose this person know about copyrights, publishing, recording contracts, writers contracts, producers contracts and the expenses a promoter has to go through just to have someone listen to their material. I have spent many years and many hours making contacts and developing my music business relationships. My word is my bond and my professional integrity is more valuable than any just toss the dice and take a gamble on me. You have to be willing to give something away in order to receive. I think that is in the Bible! When it comes to getting any one to help you with your career, remember that the worker is worthy of his hire and pay. Believe me, most people in this business including the pros give away for more of their time and themselves helping others get a started than they ever receive. Granted it only takes that one big deal to recoup and receive that big reward. The over night success stories are just that, stories. For every success, there are hundreds of thousands of failures and I mean great talents that never get the chance by the majors. Just remember major artist have little time to review unsolicited material from so many in writers. In order to reach the people who can help you, you must find people with contacts. Song promoters and Publishers are still your best bet. Just try to find publishers and promoters who have had success in getting songs recorded and released by top artist and major record labels. Still the secret is getting radio, TV and stage exposure. The most important task, however, is getting writers and demo artists heard. This is why this Myspace is so special. You can be heard and not have to jump through so many hoops. I have a few connections with the majors that asked me to find songs from time to time for a few Major Artists who need new blood in their song pitches. Record Labels, artists and songwriters tend to be stuck in choosing songs that put them in a rut. That is well and good as long as sales continue for the Major Record Label. However, the public will eventually abandon an artist when every song sounds alike. It really depends on the mainstream radio airplay. Corporation Station Programmers control what the individual radio stations play. New artist may never get the chance to be aired unless they are on a Major Label. However, when a new artist's record that hits a new groove and reaches a younger audience can turn the recording industry around on the spot. The old artist is out and the new is in. It really depends on sales for the majors and advertising dollars for the Mainstream Radio. A few major labels realize that instead of signing new artists and launching new careers, it is more costly than reinventing popularity with established Artists. With that said, a Good Artists is still signed when heard by the RIGHT MAJOR A&R PEOPLE. That is where song plugging is most important. The best success in getting songs or an artists placed, is determined by how well the demo artist can deliver that song. I have song demos by demo artists who are now Major Artists. Because I did not get a record recording release agreement on those demo Artists. Some of those songs are now on hold by either a record company or another publishing company. Some artists, Major Artist like Garth Brooks, may not want any new music released. It is very hard to get your song back after those artists become super stars even though they were paid up-front for services rendered. The problem is you never get the proper paper work before pitching material. Even if another artist cuts it, you still might not can release the song because you never signed a proper contract with that Major Label, Artist or Publishing company and even if you did then you may still have to go through the courts. The only other solution I can suggest to you and all writers is to get a recording agreement for each song, in writing, with your demo artists before pitching that song. Any publishing contracts should have revision and reversion clauses and a dead line dates for a release and reversion with options to renew for writer, artist and publisher. Any reputable publisher will want this included. When a publisher has exhausted his venue with negative response then they should not hold a writer or a song back and continue to waste time and money. It does not mean the song is not worth it. It may mean the timing or the people involved just cannot seem to get the project off the ground. Maybe the song needs rerecording. A new artist, style or rewrite might be what is needed. A GOOD SONG IS A GOOD SONG! Get your demo songs published and released as soon as possible even by an unknown label or artist, provided, the demos are performed and recorded with a listening quality of sound even when a Demo Artist is paid up front for services. The writer should have a recording agreement option from that demo artist. Should an unknown demo artist become famous in the future or pass away the writer, publisher, or copyright holder should have the right to release that song in the future. You may have to get another artist to record that song but that song should never be under the control of any one who does not intend to release that song. Once a song has been pinned, it deserves to be heard and enjoyed by the world. Ron Dennis Wheeler- 11:43 PM - 0 Comments - 2 Kudos - Add Comment - Edit - Remove
DELORES HERSHEY When seeing the stories on the silentlambs website, often gifted individuals are moved to write songs about the issue of abuse, we offer the following as a labor of love and hopefully a measure of comfort for those that have suffered abuse.
Delores Hershey - A gifted song writer and singer from Nashville Tennessee offers the following song;
"silentlambs" Written by Delores Hershey and James Rae. Piano and vocals by Delores Hershey
- (Mar 19, 2007)
R&R MUSIC RECORDINGS- ARTIST News NEW R&R RECORDING ARTIST will soon release her first album.
The most exciting entertainer in ORLANDO, rivals THE DIXIE CHICKS and yet can also calm your inner soul with her tender spirit and beautiful voice as she sings a love song
JEZ DAVIDSON IN THE MUSIC HALL OF FAME is a proven multi-talented artist and hall of fame music writer for STAGE, TV, MOVIES, and Major Record labels. Besides being a great pianist and vocalist her music abilities have been recognized by other writers and cowriters, such as, the late great DOC POMUS (hit song writer for ELVIS).

Delores Hershey beautiful, and

Past Production Hits
Ron Dennis Wheeler had the opportunity to co-produce an album project personally written for and by Jez Davidson, former background music writer and music coordinator for The Y&R Show. Some songs from that project were performed live in different episodes and later released on
RR&R / Rapp Records.
"IF WE'RE NOT IN LOVE" was performed by two characters on The Y&R Show. Gina, played by actor Patty Weaver, and Tracey, played by actor Beth Maitland.
Patty Weaver's version is on RR&R / Rapp Records label.
Your Music Always Makes Me Cry, was written into the show for the character Danny Romalotti who was played by actor Michael Damian.
Other JEZ DAVIDSON songs on RR&R/RAPP RECORDS, also written and performed by JEZ DAVIDSON THE MACON TELEGRAPH & NEWS- 1984
Jeffrey Day - The Macon Telegraph and News
Songwriters' Shop with Ray Mann - BONA FIED DANCIN' FOOL (A DIVISION OF LaGRANGE CORPORATION) 7235 SW Canyon Drive Portland, OR 97225 (issue 14 (c) 1995 LaGrange Corporation- (Feb 16, 2007)